Episode 319: Dr. David T. Morgan, Active LDS, Licensed Psychologist, Mental Health

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend David Morgan, PhD from BYU, shares helping people understand and cope with mental health issues through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. David has written four books, written dozens of articles for LDS Living and part of virtual fireside with Onward Productions. If you want better tools to manage/solve your own mental health issues or to better help others, please listen to this podcast. David brings his academic experience, 20 years of private practice, and his understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to give us better tools/understanding. You can learn more about David (books, articles) at https://ldspsychologist.com/. You can also follow David on Facebook at facebook.com/davidtmorganphd and Instagram @ldspsychologist Thank you for being on the podcast David and your life mission to bring hope and healing.