02.03 - Graces Denied

Pax Britannica: A History of the British Empire show

Summary: The political concessions known as the Graces remained a sticking point for Irish Catholics. They had bought and paid for them with taxation, but the last Lord Deputy had dragged his feet. Now, with Sir Thomas Wentworth in charge, perhaps the longed-for toleration would finally be made real. Check out the podcast website Check out Pax Britannica Merch! Facebook | Twitter | Patreon | Donate For this episode, I found the following publications particularly useful: Russell, C The Causes of the English Civil War Kishlansky, M, Monarchy Transformed Harris, T. Rebellion  Keynon, Ohlmeyer, The Civil Wars Lennon, C, 'Protestant Reformations, 1550-1641', in The Cambridge History of Ireland See the website for a full bibliography. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices