MoT Podcast - Carlos Meets Joel Montvelisky

Ministry of Testing show

Summary: <p>Carlos Kidman talks with Joel Montvelisky from <a href=";utm_source=mot&amp;utm_campaign=podcast+interview&amp;utm_content=&amp;utm_term=june2020">PractiTest</a>, about some of the challenges testers face in modern software development, how they can adapt and help, and how <a href=";utm_source=mot&amp;utm_campaign=podcast+interview&amp;utm_content=&amp;utm_term=june2020">PractiTest</a> can help align teams as a Test Management System. They also discuss how PractiTest is active in the community and provides not only resources but also conferences that are free and a platform for new presenters to jumpstart their speaking career!</p> <p>Did you know you can listen to and subscribe to our podcasts on <a href="">iTunes</a> and <a href="">SoundCloud</a>?</p>