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Let us THINK : By Dr.King  (Author of books on Yoga,Spirituality,Gardening...) show

Summary: [Quick links] [Pause] Each one of us has our own idea of what our goal is.  One goal that many Yoga enthusiasts have is to enjoy health. To achieve that goal, they ‘twist and turn’ their bodies with the hope of making the body stronger and resistant to illnesses.  They may practice breathing exercises of Yoga to minimize their stress. Since stress is linked to our proneness to illness, they hope to achieve healthy life using these techniques. There are others who may long for the bliss experienced by meditation. They indulge in regular meditation and enjoy the bliss that results from a tranquil mind. There may be some advanced Yoga practitioners who aim at realizing the ultimate truth. That realization may bestow them eternal peace. A Buddhist may slog to free himself from the endless cycle of births and deaths. Prolonged meditation may enable him to achieve that. But have you observed something common in all these goals?