Footprints - Archive of Jessica Felice

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Summary: Jessica graduated with a BA in Theatre, from UMBC and demonstrates her passion and love for the craft on every project she's involved in. She's earned herself 2 best actress awards for her performance in Soulmate as Katie Stephan's at 2 film festivals. Although, she's done many horror & thrillers in film, shorts, and television, She's not limited to 1 single genre. Jessica loves the "Anti-Hero" archetype, and strong intelligently written women. She's played roles in television series such as "Copycat Killers", "I Was Possessed", and "Southern Fried Homicide", as well as lead roles in feature films such as "Soulmate", "The American Werewolf Project", "Vampires", and supporting roles in films such as"7th Day" and "The Untelling", and in Short films: "The Price" as Elizabeth, "Blood Loss" as Mina, "Laid to Rest" as Jessie which won "Best Short Horror Film" at The Winter Fest Film Awards. She was featured in the online series Tales of Horror as the snarky Demoness Host Lilith Death. She also is a professional Voice-over artist in work ranging from Animation, Video Games, Industrials and Commercial work.