Sixteen Days to Extinction // The Shadow Nation Rises 07

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: This is the seventh installment in Eric’s series entitled, The Shadow Nation Rises. In this message he discusses the Kingdom pattern for God’s intervention in the darkest hours of history. God always has a deliverance for His people, even though such deliverance seems utterly inconceivable at the time. When His people humble themselves and walk concurrent with His Word — He converts the machinations and movements of evil into the destruction of the evil itself and into a profound good for His people and for His purposes. And so it is right now in the year 2020. God has not abandoned His Church, He has not turned His back on His children — He is in anguish over the dismantling of righteousness, truth, and justice taking place in our world today. And He WILL have a response.