COVID-19: A New Approach to Back to School | OAS Episode 105

Our American States show

Summary: Today’s podcast looks at how K-12 schools can reopen safely amid an ongoing pandemic and what that might look like for the foreseeable future. Our first guest is Dr. Carissa Moffat Miller, the executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CSCCSO).  Dr. Miller’s organization works with state education leaders around the nation and offers a national perspective on how schools are reopening. Our second guest is Dr. Kristi Wilson, president of the American Association of School Administrators, which is the organization of school superintendents around the nation. She is also the superintendent of the Buckeye Elementary School District just west of Phoenix, and offers some perspective from the district superintendent level.         Resources AASA: Guidelines for Reopening Schools NCSL: Coronavirus Resources for States Page Council of Chief State School Officers Coronavirus Resources Homepage OAS Episode 105 Transcription