CoasterBuzz Podcast #194 - October 11, 2010

CoasterBuzz Podcast show

Summary: Jeff, Gonch, Mike and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry. Carrie says recounts her experience at Phoenix Phall Phunfest at Knoebels. Accommodations are "challenging" around that area. Watch out for severed chicken heads. Canobie Lake Park waiting on the traffic study to proceed with Euro Fighter. Extreme World civil suit settled out of court, criminal trial of operator yet to come. We're still not comfortable with the precedent of someone doing a minimum wage job being charged with a crime. Food & Wine Festival begins at Epcot. It's about cheese and wine, not drink around the world advance mode. Sidebar: box wine. Checketts is out at S&S, no longer holding any stake and not consulting. What's with entrepreneurs that totally let go of something they started? Cedar Fair sets out concrete financial goals for 2015, and reinstates the distribution. Does the entire sale fiasco seem even more ridiculous? This causes zero confidence for the executive team. Another orca dies at SeaWorld Orlando, tired debate resumes about "free" versus captive animals. Good clowns protest portrayal of evil clowns at Alton Towers. We all agree that it's probably a scam. And when did clowns become primarily evil? Sidebar: Insane Clown Posse are Evangelical Christians. And still not musicians. Also sidebar: Katy Perry and Elmo on Sesame Street. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom announces a swing tower. They're the new drop tower. Minor accident involving rollback on Pony Express at Knott's Berry Farm injures ten people. Expect the state to shut it down and investigate for two years. Zippin Pippin rises in Green Bay. How many roller coasters did Elvis actually ever ride? Mental illness advocates ask Cedar Point to shut down its asylum haunted attractions. Mike says it's the fault of Hollywood. BooBuzz returns to Cedar Point on Friday, October 15. You can get the latest headlines on CoasterBuzz from the Twitter. Follow us @coasterbuzz. You can also like us on Facebook. CoasterBuzz Club is $25 per year. You can join or renew today. Enjoy CoasterBuzz with no ads.