Air1 Closer Look: Quarantine Drives Spike In Domestic Abuse

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Summary: Nat'l Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233 Physical bruises are only small part of what some women and men suffer says Annette Oltmans of The MEND Project, which brings awareness to what she calls ‘covert emotional abuse.’ “Victims begin questioning reality and their own sanity,” explains Oltmans, herself a survivor of domestic abuse – and a Christian – who knows firsthand what’s it like to ‘live it.’ Pastor Paul Cole, president of the Christian Men’s Network, has been deeply concerned by the quarantine effect on families already stuffed in a pressure cooker of unhealthy reactions. “A lot of times, we as men act out of anger, rage, disappointment – and we lash out at people,” he says, urging men in this trap to reach out for help. Air1's Billie Branham reports.