The Art of the Art Deal

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>Alec looks at the art world from two angles -- from someone in it, and from someone who has observed the world from a distance. First, writer Michael Shnayerson -- his latest book, <em>Boom, </em>gives an exhaustive history of how today’s art market came to be. Shnayerson writes for magazines -- including <em>Time</em> and <em>Vanity Fair</em> -- and has written seven books. He has collaborated with Harry Belafonte, written a portrait of Andrew Cuomo, and unpacked General Motors and the electric car. Art dealer Richard Feigen, Alec’s second guest, spent his entire career in the art market. His New York gallery has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of the greatest works of art, from the Renaissance to Basquiat. He was the dealer to the newly minted millionaires of 1980’s New York who bought their art -- and their cultural cache -- from Richard Feigen.</p>