Episode 14: Fiona Cummings, Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois

All Things Local show

Summary: <p>On this episode I speak with Fiona Cummings, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. We chat about how Girl Scouts started, how it has evolved over time. We discuss their decision to be much more flexible so they can best serve their members, such as now only leasing space and putting those spaces in high traffic areas like shopping centers. They are also using technology in some very creative ways to keep the staff virtually connected to each and to continue to provide programs but virtually.  She talks about the loss of revenue in many different areas and the impact on their programs and mission because of it. But without a doubt, she, her staff and her board know they can get through these challenges and continue to build strong and confident girls. Fiona taught me about the FAILURE, and fail just means first attempt in learning. And we can all learn a lot from her when it comes to lifelong learning. I hope you enjoy this episode.</p>