Using time to heal ⏰

The Healthy Hustlers Podcast show

Summary: This episode is proudly brought to you by ITP, the income tax professionals. In this episode we strip back to basics and discuss our interpretation of the saying 'time heals all wounds' Whilst we are big believers in using tools to work on ourselves, we wanted to send a message to anyone who is dealing with any sort of heartache or loss right now, that sometimes time is the only thing that will truly heal all. We use this episode to share some of our personal experience's with using time to heal and hope to inspire anyone going through any sort of hardship right now (covid related or not) that it is ok to lean on time as your main source to heal. Contact ITP, the income tax professionals: Follow Tegan: Follow Madelyn: DISCLAIMER: We want you to all know that the topics, options and views we discuss in this episode are from our own personal experiences and shared with you for entertainment purposes only. If you are wanting to seek medical advice about your health, lifestyle choices or mental wellbeing please do so from a qualified medical practitioner first.