Episode 292: Jeff and Camille McConnell, Son Wesley (age 3) Died In A Choking Accident

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friends Jeff and Camille McConnell share the tragic story of their son Wesley dying in a choking accident on Memorial Day in 2018. Jeff and Camille, active LDS and parents of 5 children ages 1-11, share how their worst nightmare because reality. Now 2 years from that horrible day, Jeff and Camille share their insights to overcome anger, grief, pain, and feelings of what they might have done differently to find hope, peace and healing. If you have lost of loved one or want to help others walking this road, please listen to Jeff and Camille’s insights. I was deeply moved by the things they shared and insights into the Atonement of Jesus Christ to find hope and healing. I was also deeply moved by their thoughts to keep Wesley integrated into their families lives. Please check out Camille’s blog at sweetwesleyswarriors.com for more of her story. Thanks for being on the podcast Jeff and Camille. You are bringing hope and healing to so many!