The ADA at 30: A Conversation With Former Senator Tom Harkin | OAS Episode 101

Our American States show

Summary: Today’s podcast focuses on the Americans With Disabilities Act, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on July 26. We’re fortunate to have former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin (D) as our guest. Senator Harkin, who spent 30 years in the U.S. Senate, was the author and chief sponsor of the ADA. Senator Harkin shares the history of the ADA and how he came to play such a pivotal role. We also talked about his brother Frank, who helped inspire his work on the ADA; the political effort it took to pass the legislation; and the still unfinished business of ensuring that people with disabilities have the chance for a full life in American society. Americans With Disabilities Act: Celebrating 30 Years The Harkin Institute Transcription of OAS Episode 101