Behind the Scenes of a New Product Launch with Accent Decor

Team Flower show

Summary: If you’ve been in the floral industry for any amount of time, it’s likely you’ve heard of Accent Decor. They specialize in curating fresh and innovative products created by artisans around the world—from design-focused vessels and garden essentials to home accents and seasonal items, they provide continual inspiration for the floral, event, and home décor industries. Accent Decor has been gearing up for a new product launch this month—and they just launched drop-shipping! Allison joins Kelly to chat about what it looks like behind the scenes of a new product launch and how Accent Decor’s process can be transferred to the retail florist. You’ll also hear about the following: Creating a marketing story for a launch What a launch “story” includes Calendar planning Ideas for curated gift boxes Sneak peek into AD’s newest additions