Baba's Miracle!

Let us THINK : By Dr.King  (Author of books on Yoga,Spirituality,Gardening...) show

Summary: [Quick links] [Pause] I am sorry that I am still not in a position to record my voice. So, you have to read these posts on my blog. I hope to get back soon with my regular series on Mind that I paused a month ago. The havoc created by Corona unnerves even a seasoned Yogi. So many deaths not just in underdeveloped countries but even in those countries supposedly advanced and on the cutting edge of innovation.  Our scientists are struggling to come up with either a cure or a vaccine for this dreaded virus that has already upset our lives and appears to ruin it altogether. But no hope at sight. All of a sudden, here comes an Indian Yoga Guru who claims that he has a cure for this dreaded disease! Before you dismiss this as yet another ‘Indian rope trick’, please read on. Maybe you will find some food for thought.