Steve Harfst: President & CEO Eastern Airlines

The Traffic Pattern show

Summary: Today I sit down with CEO of Eastern Airlines Steve Harfst. Commissioned in the U.S. Navy, Harfst graduated number one in his class at flight school. As a Naval aviator, he served the rest of his decorated 10-year career in the cockpit of the F-14 Tomcat, logging 38 combat missions and 227 aircraft carrier landings. Temporarily, Eastern Airlines took on a new mission: to go boldly wherever there is a critical mass of displaced Americans and bring them home. Season 5 of The Traffic Pattern premieres June 23rd on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & iHeartRadio. Big thanks to creative director, of Amalgam, Ned Wallroth for all of your help. Looking to improve your brand... Amalgam is an agency built for precision. They help companies grow with brand development, digital marketing, and content creation.