Are we learning to let go of control?

The Healthy Hustlers Podcast show

Summary: This weeks healthy hacks conversation explores control and questions if we actually ever had control in the first place. With everything 2020 has dished up, we are quickly learning to adapt and realising that maybe control is a myth after all and how moving forward we can truly honour trusting the process. Resources that we have found helpful to educate ourselves on both the Black Lives Matter movement and the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and how we can support here in Australia: Five Indigenous films that changed the National conversation: IGTV To Watch: People To Follow: Due to social distancing restrictions that have been enforced due to Covid19 we have recorded this online, therefore, it may vary to sound quality of previous episodes. Follow Tegan: Follow Madelyn: DISCLAIMER: We want you to all know that the topics, options and views we discuss in this episode are from our own personal experiences and shared with you for entertainment purposes only. If you are wanting to seek medical advice about your health, lifestyle choices or mental wellbeing please do so from a qualified medical practitioner first