Shanda Fulbright: Studying God’s Word, Applying Biblical Truth, and Raising Boys

Soul Care for the New Mom show

Summary: I am so pleased to share with you today my conversation with writer, podcaster, and speaker Shanda Fulbright. Shanda is a wife and mom of all boys with a huge heart for ministering to other boy moms, as well as encouraging women in ALL different seasons to really study and apply God’s Word to their lives. What I love most about our conversation is the wisdom she shares with us on WHY being able to apply Biblical truth to our lives matters, as well as why there is SO much grace for us in this endeavor, including for us as moms who are striving to raise the next generation with a heart for Christ. No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, I have a feeling this episode is going to be life-giving and encouraging to you! In today’s episode, Shanda and I chat about: - the heart and backstory behind her work as a writer, podcaster, and speaker - intertwining God’s Word with our lives in a culture that’s easily disconnected from truth - some of the challenges women face when it comes to learning and applying Biblical truth to their lives - encouragement and practical wisdom for the woman who wants to grow in her knowledge and love of God’s Word - the message of her book #BOYMOM and what it looks like to step into the unique call of raising boys and helping them become the men they were created to be - encouragement for moms of LITTLE boys who are struggling to fully see or understand the role they play in their sons’ lives Resources Mentioned: Shanda’s Website: Her Faith Inspires Podcast: Follow Shanda on Instagram: #BOYMOM Book: Learn more about my Mom Empowered coaching program and how I empower moms with the mindset + strategy to ditch their anger and break free from anxiety: Connect with me on Instagram: Join the Soul Care for the New Mom Facebook community: