Episode 273: Seeking Heavenly Mother with Kayla Bach, Emily Peck and Charlotte Shurtz

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: Kayla, Emily and Charlotte are the co-founders of Seeking Heavenly Mother (https://seekingheavenlymother.com/). These three women, all LDS Returned Missionaries who are attending or have graduated from BYU, have great insights about our Heavenly Mother. They answer these questions: What is the Church’s position on Heavenly Mother? Why does Heavenly Mother matter? Why did they start the Seeking Heavenly Mother project? What is the positive impact of more discussion about Heavenly Mother? What can we do as individuals? This was a transformative podcast for me. I learned so much with several light bulb experiences. I encourage all our listeners to listen to and share this podcast. It will help you have a better relationship with our Heavenly Parents, find more hope and healing, and help others come unto Christ. Thank you Kayla, Emily and Charlotte for you beautiful and unique life mission. You are three of my new heroes.