Episode 272: Dalton Bradford, BYU Student, RM, LGBTQ Ally

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Dalton Bradford joins us to share his love and support for our LGBTQ friends. Dalton, who is graduating in Middle East Studies and Arabic, is serious about LGBTQ issues as he plans to live in the Middle East working to improve rights for LGBTQ people living in that region. Dalton, who has lived in 8 different countries, also shares how he is navigating his LDS faith and also shares about his emotional health. Dalton is joined by his girlfriend Shelby Huey, RM and MTC Teacher. Shelby, who wasn’t planning on being on the podcast, offers wonderful insights during podcast on our LGBTQ friends, faith and managing emotional health issues. If you want to have hope for the future, gain new insights into our LGBTQ friends, navigate LDS faith issues or better understand mental health, please listen to these two graduating BYU students. Thanks to both of you for being on the podcast. You are two of my new heroes. You stories, goodness, and service have and will help so many.