#06 - Game Design, Side hustles and UX, with designer & Carmico's owner, Selina Muriel

Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Summary: Today We’ll be interviewing an experienced 2d artist and UX designer in Toronto, Selina Muriel. Selina is a professional with many hats, she is a UX designers, she has been a 2D artist for over 8 years now, she is an entrepreneur, and she sells art! She has been in the Game Design industry for 3 years, with a focus on She is focused on character design, product design, game art and UI/UX Design in general! today we’ll discover what motivates her, and lead her to move into the User Experience Design field, as well as what she does in videogames for User Experience Enjoy this episode with me and Selina! Support Selina! Carmico website: https://www.carmico.ca/ Carmico’s twitter: https://twitter.com/carmiico Carmico on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carmiico/ Follow me on my Channels Website: www.alessioux.com/ Instagram: bit.ly/2UKJ5Uv Twitter: bit.ly/2xtpj8e