Why are there so many attorney advertisements in the Valley?

Valley 101 show

Summary: Whether you're driving past a billboard, listening to the radio or watching TV, it seems like advertisements for attorneys are inescapable.  But why are there so many of them? And why are so many of them about personal injury lawsuits? Turns out, until 1977, attorneys were prohibited from advertising. Times certainly have changed. Arizona lawyers, law firms and legal-services providers spent $32 million on advertising last year. And that number doesn't include spending on social media campaigns. If you're curious about this phenomenon, podcast editor Katie O'Connell got to the bottom of it in this week's episode of Valley 101, a podcast from The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com where we answer the questions you ask about metro Phoenix.  In this episode, you'll hear from: Van O'Steen, a Phoenix attorney who sued for the right to advertise Mark Breyer, a Phoenix personal injury attorney who currently advertises on TV Patricia Sallen, a Phoenix attorney who works in legal ethics Nancy Gray, a professor at Arizona State University