#05 - From Project management to UX Design, with UX Lead Jenny Björkman

Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Summary: Today We’ll be interviewing UX lead in Edinburgh, Jenny Bjorkman, and talk about what motivated her to switch career to User Experience Design. Jenny currently works as UX Lead for Sustainably, she is highly engaged in the UX and tech community as a mentor, facilitator, panel member and guest speaker. Jenny worked many years as Project manager and marketing consultant, and today we’ll discover what lead her to move into the User Experience Design field. Jenny shares with us some tricks and tips of her mastered craft, and she also gives some suggestions on how to look for a job during these difficult times. Mentioned websites and links: Research tools: otter.ai/ www.usertesting.com/ Books: www.amazon.co.uk/Mom-Test-custome…ne/dp/1492180742 Jenny's Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/jennymoorebjorkman/ Follow me on my Channels Website: https://www.alessioux.com/ Instagram: https://bit.ly/2UKJ5Uv Twitter: https://bit.ly/2xtpj8e