Episode 267: Cody Swensen, Active LDS, Gay, Age 37

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Cody Swensen shares his remarkable journey as a gay Latter-day Saint. Cody, who works in HR for a Utah County company, recently came out publicly on Facebook and IG receiving hundreds of loving and supportive comments. Cody talks about his two decade journey to come to terms with his sexual orientation. Many people have helped Cody along the way including a wonderful BYU therapists, family and friends. Cody talks about overcoming depression, self-loathing, shame, his excellent relationship with Heavenly Father, and why he stays a committed member of the Church. If you are LDS and LGBTQ and are looking for hope and healing, please listen to this podcast. If you want to better understand the journey of a LGBTQ Latter-day Saint, please listen to Cody’s story. Cody is one of my new heroes. This world is a better place with people like Cody in it. Thanks for being on the podcast Cody—I learned so much from you