Clone Wars Talk (Part 26) | Rebellion on Onderon | Saw Gerrera

Star Wars Escape Pod show

Summary: As the clone wars rage on, certain events come to light. How crazy is it that ANAKIN SKYWALKER TRAINED REBELS!? Today we reached the Season 5 benchmark for Star Wars the Clone Wars (chronologically). LUX BONTARI RETURNS, and Ahsoka Tano learns a lot as she helps guide these REBELS to victory and liberation of their world from the Separatist Alliance. A great start to season 5, and as usual we're doing this all chronologically, here are the episodes to watch next if you're following along at home: 89 502 A War on Two Fronts | Stream on Disney+ 90 503 Front Runners | Stream on Disney+ 91 504 The Soft War | Stream on Disney+ 92 505 Tipping Points | Stream on Disney+ For a complete list of episodes in chronological order, visit this link: We want to hear from you guys, get in touch with us below!And send this show to a friend! Those 5 stars are always a huge help so please rate and subscribe! @SWEscapePodcast - send us a voice recording, comments, questions, anything! Host Site: May the force be with you guys.