Great Australian Voices - Conductor and Producer, Brian Castles-Onion

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Summary: Brian Castles-Onion is one of Australia's most beloved and exciting opera conductors. His impish charm and infinite knowledge of the operatic repertoire, historical perspectives and vocal technique make him an engaging authority on our rich operatic past. It is no surprise then, to learn that his lifetime of collecting recordings of vocal artists, now sees him as a passionate preservationist for some of Australia's supreme singers. Brian is the producer of the acclaimed CD series which celebrates our operatic pioneers: Great Australian Voices. The collection is released through Desiree Records. There have been ten volumes produced, each serving delicious excerpts from the careers of singers that include Bob Allman, Nance Grant, Maureen Howard, June Bronhill, Marie Collier, Bob Simmons and Geraldine Turner. The recordings are a treat and offer the listener the opportunity to hear how our musical ancestors sounded; what they sang, how they sang, who they sang with and what they thought about their roles. An insightful historical and pictorial booklet accompanies each volume with much fascinating detail to devour. Brian joined Stages to generously share knowledge of these great singers and the artistic legacy they leave.