Episode-2655- What I Think about CoVid at this Point in the Game

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: I have made spot on calls about CoVid and frankly I blew a big one.  It was of course how draconian the government response to it would become.  While the government is doing exactly what I said they would do in a pandemic almost a decade ago, the current virus is not something that warrants such a response. That was my opinion early on and it is now my opinion at the current time. I remained open to being wrong though.  The early death rates looked horrifying, like really bad.  The models were even worse.  It seemed without lock downs that 2 million may be more, may be twice as many could die in the US from this virus.  I accepted the reality, we need to do this, we need to sacrifice, we needed to get though it.  Yet the nagging feeling that none of this made any real scientific sense would NOT go away. Asymptomatic spread especially at the claimed rate of 2.3 made zero sense.  Claiming that we had any idea how many infections there really were, made no sense.  The claim it came from eating bats sold at a wet market where no bats are sold, made no sense.  Lots of other things in the official narrative made no sense. Equally some of the total conspiracy theory shit also made no sense.  The claim there is no CoVid, made zero sense.  I have two friends that are ICU doctors treating CoVid patients who were telling me what they were seeing.  This is a real virus, it does exist and it does hit some very, very hard.  The claim that it comes from 5G is just idiotic and requires a total ignorance of the frequencies that 5G runs at to believe.  Let me just say if you think 5G causes CoVid you better stay away from sunlight. What I have come to realize as is so often the case is the truth seems to lie in the middle.  Today we know so much more then we knew 6 weeks ago.   We know that we were wrong about so much yet we continue to make decisions based on beliefs now proven false.  We ignore treatments that work.  We have studies being rigged by using a valid treatment the wrong way at the wrong stage of the disease.  We have a claim that a drug works that has failed to reduce fatalities. We have people screaming to stay home to save lives but the largest increase in new cases is among those staying home.  We have a death rate in New York City that is high based on a single known bad decision and the people that did it won’t admit it and cling to policies that are now proven to be a total failure.  On top of it all we have a move to silence and even destroy any medical or scientific professional that speaks against the official and openly flawed narrative.  In fact even those who simply ask intelligent questions are attacked, silenced and have the shit of the of the sheepmonkies hurled at them. What I think about CoVid goes back to a prior quote of the day, “Three things can not be hidden for long.  The sun, the moon and the truth.” ~ Buddha Join Me Today to Discuss… My response to those who say the Bakersfield Doctors objection are based on flawed statistics and bad math (link) My thoughts on the intentionally flawed studies on Hydroxycholorquine and what doctors using it properly say about it The insanity that a 70 year old drug is dangerous but a vaccine that does not even exist yet is supposed to be safe Why Tony Fauci is the absolute text book example of what rational people are talking about when they say “the deep state” Why the Swedish model works yet more, the one mistake they made, admitted to and what happens when you adjust for it – (link) How the NY Governor made the same mistake, still did lock downs but fails to admit the mistake (link) Why my formula of Quercetin, Green Tea and Zinc is likely the single best thing you can do for yourself as a prevention tool Why I have a huge problem with the silencing of people on social media, even those that I agree are lunatics like David Icke A video you should listen to by a Doctor who used to work for Tony Fauci – (link) Corona [...]