Handling a Crisis with Liya Dashkina- CR70

Career Relaunch® show

Summary: After taking a brief break from hosting this podcast, I've decided to restart the show to feature a few stories of how people around the world are managing their professional lives amid the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, which has created tremendous upheaval and uncertainty not only in people's lives but also their careers. On today's show, financial controller Liya Daskina explains how she's been managing her transition after resigning from her role in the UK so she could move back to Australia only to now find herself in one of the most difficult hiring climates of our lifetime. We discuss how to manage uncertainty and make the most of a difficult time. After our chat, I share an update on how things have changed in my own life over the past few weeks and my perspectives on whether to wait until things blow over with the pandemic or act now to pursue your career ambitions.