Episode 262: Richie Ostler, Recent RM, Faithfully Dealing with Life's Challenges

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Summary: My nephew and friend Richie Ostler joins me to talk about dealing with life challenges and changing expectations. One area of changing expectations is his mission where he was assigned to Quito, Ecuador but then served in Minneapolis, Minnesota (for 6 months) before eventually serving in Quito Ecuador. Because of COVID-19, Richie returned home after about a year in Ecuador. Richie had many experiences helping people come to Christ through our restored Church. Richie’s faithful mission was much different than his original expectations—but he served diligently and has great insights for others with changed mission expectations. Another area of life challenges is his mother Ann’s death 6 years ago when Richie was 13 year old. Richie talks about Ann’s example and continue role for good in his life. Richie also shares being a missionary and receiving the devastating news in Feb 2020 that his five-year-old nephew Sammy Glauser died in an tragic accident. Richie has great insights in the role of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to heal from difficult earthly experiences. Thanks for being on the podcast Richie. You are wise beyond your years and your insights will help many.