Live Coaching: Your Breakdowns Can Lead to the Breakthroughs

Soul Care for the New Mom show

Summary: In today’s new podcast episode, you’re getting another inside look into what coaching with me is like as I coach one of my clients, Shanna. You’ll first hear us discussing the details of a recent “breakdown” Shanna experienced relating to the effects of COVID-19 on her personal life and family. You’ll be hearing her speak with raw emotion and asking some hard, honest questions, which some of you may be asking yourself, as well. Later in the episode you will also get to hear a snippet from our FOLLOW-UP session together, during which she shared what a complete 180 she was able to experience. This was after implementing the changes we decided on just less than a week earlier! What’s so astounding, and what I most want listeners to take away from this episode, is that not only do our breakdowns NOT negate our breakTHROUGHS, but sometimes they’re precisely what LEAD to them. As you’re listening to Shanna being coached and challenged, I hope that you, too, are able to be coached and challenged. As we are navigating this difficult time of grief and crisis, having somebody to push you and walk with you in this way really can make a world of difference in terms of whether you merely “get by” while in this self-quarantine… or you actually thrive. I also hope that listening to this episode gives you a taste of just how powerful coaching can be for YOU. If you are curious about my program and are ready to discuss whether working with me may be the right fit for you, I’d love to invite you to hop on a free 45 minute empowerment call with me. You can apply for a call by visiting my website at Get my FREE 10 Declarations for the Anxious Mama, your go-to guide for taking your anxious thoughts captive and replacing them with CONFIDENCE and PEACE: Learn more about my Mom Empowered coaching program and how I empower moms with the mindset + strategy to ditch their anger and break free from anxiety: Connect with me on Instagram: Join the Soul Care for the New Mom Facebook community: