Episode 255: Mac, Holden and Cory Wolfenbarger, Early Release Missionaries

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Cory Wolfenbarger (married father of six, former Bishop) shares his journey being an early release missionary from Russia because of his emotional health. Cory ended up finishing his mission in Seattle. Cory is joined on the podcast by his two sons. Holden, age 21, was serving in Nicaragua when political unrest forces out all the missionaries. Holden finished in Long Beach, California. Elder Mac Wolfenbarger just returned from Vietnam because the coronavirus pandemic. Still a set-apart missionary, Elder Wolfenbarger shares insights and gospel principals that keeps him grounded in this middle of many unknown. Great podcast for any missionary, local leader, or family dealing with changing missionary expectations with the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks you for being on the podcast and your great insights to help others walking this road.