Revealing Barry Sonnenfeld

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>Barry Sonnenfeld was among Hollywood's most in-demand cinematographers (<em>Big</em>, <em>When Harry Met Sally</em>, <em>Misery</em>) when he decided to make the switch to directing in 1991.  The producers were nervous, but the proof was in the pudding: Sonnenfeld's directorial debut was <em>The Addams Family</em>, one of the year's most successful comedies.  From there, Sonnenfeld went on to direct <em>Get Shorty</em>, the <em>Men in Black</em> series, and some brilliant TV like <em>The Tick</em> and <em>A Series of Unfortunate Events</em>.  Now he's written a memoir, <a href="">Barry Sonnenfeld Call Your Mother</a>, in which he tells with humor and compassion the surprisingly harrowing story of his childhood -- and, of course, dishes on his colleagues in Hollywood.  With Alec he goes beyond what's in the book about what went down on the sets of <em>Big</em>, <em>Misery</em>, <em>Wild Wild West</em> and <em>Men in Black</em>.</p>