842 » Closing Deals Over The Phone With Don Costa

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast show

Summary: <p>At about 60,000 postcards a month, Don Costa from the Flip Talk podcast has dialed in on a system that works for him. He holds nothing back today, sharing the tools he uses, the conversations that work with sellers, and how he’s organized his team.<br> <br>Following up on warm leads are where people are too often dropping the ball. 80% of Don’s January contracts were from following up. 80%! Some of his current follow up tools that are working are:<br> <br>—Ringless Voice Mail (RVM)<br> <br>—Cold calling databases<br> <br>—Emails and texts from a CRM<br> <br>—Personal phone calls<br> <br>I used to use those yellow legal pads to keep track of all of my leads when I first started out, but it was so hard to keep track of warm, cold, or hot leads. Don jumped right into using a couple of different CRMS, and he talks about the different advantages of some of them. He warns that you shouldn’t get caught up on the perfect business card, the perfect postcard, the perfect website, or the perfect business name. Just get started.<br> <br>Don’s detailed tracking system from his postcards helps him plug numbers into Slack and keep everyone on his team on the same page. He emphasizes that the key to the direct mail marketing channel is consistency, followed quickly by answering the phone live.<br> <br>There's an ebb and flow in the direct marketing world. Sometimes it works great, and then everyone else sees that and jumps into that marketing stream. Then it becomes the law of diminishing returns. He shares how he balances that trend in his own business.<br> <br>I’ve been seeing a lot more success with wholesaling in small-town markets, so Don shares his own experience with that too. He talks about how to find the seller’s pain points by asking questions, and why it’s important for the seller to name a price for their house first.<br> <br>What's Inside:<br> <br>—How Don structures his office following CA labor laws.<br> <br>—The tools Don uses to keep his team on the same page.<br> <br>—Don’s 5 step method he walks his leads through.<br> <br>—How to find a seller’s pain point.<br> <br>—Don’s tracking system for direct mail marketing.<br> <br>—CallRail versus SMARTPHONE, which one wins?<br> </p>