Evan Reiter: FlightSimExpo2020

The Traffic Pattern show

Summary: FlightSimExpo 2020 JUNE 12-14, 2020 • TROPICANA LAS VEGAS • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA • North America's community-driven flight simulation conference. Co-Founder, and pilot, Evan Reiter has truly created something special; FlightSimExpo is a community-driven flight simulation and aviation conference and the largest enthusiast flight simulation event in North America, FlightSimExpo connects simmers, developers, exhibitors, and real-world aviators from across the globe.<br><br>The three-day event includes seminars and exhibits designed to showcase the power of at-home simulation for real-world flight training and to debut the latest technology and trends for home simmers. Join us in Las Vegas on June 12-14, 2020 to meet others who share your passion, learn from experts, and try out others' simulators. At FlightSimExpo, attendees have endless opportunities to network with the people behind their favorite flight simulation titles, put names and faces to voices, and build lasting connections that transcend the online world.<br><br>From the conference's dedicated mobile app to the event social, there will be plenty of opportunity to get out of the basement and into a group of like-minded enthusiasts. FlightSimExpo brings together some of the biggest names in the industry with a full series of seminars throughout the weekend. Hear about technology tweaks, flight planning and real-world operations, and the latest releases right from the source.<br><br>The biggest news of the year comes out at FlightSimExpo.<br><br>Don't miss my presentation on Saturday, June 13th at Tropicana Las Vegas. <br>How Real It Gets: Maximizing Your Simulation Environment<br>As an air traffic controller in Atlanta, Derek speaks to pilots from around the world every day. Most of these communications are routine: “fly this heading, join the localizer, contact tower”. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? Real-world pilots spend hours in simulators training for eventualities. They practice making decisions, working with available resources, and interacting with air traffic control. And so can you!<br><br>Join Derek, who has also had the privilege of speaking with aviators from across the industry through his podcast, on a journey of simulation and real-world scenarios.<br><br>Register today @ <a href="https://www.flightsimexpo.com/index.html" rel="noopener">https://www.flightsimexpo.com/index.html</a>