Fireside Chats Issue 248: Marvel Madness

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Spoiler Alert. This is it Firesiders, Inhumans vs X-Men! Well... kinda, it’s really Inhumans vs The Gifted. Both shows recently premiered on their respected stations but who had the better show? Was it ABC with Blackbolt and his critically panned brethren, or is it former Vampire, Bill Compton and his X-Menless mutants? Mendte and Maurer are joined by special guest Felix Hergood from the Emergent Gamer Podcast (since he’s the only one we know who paid to see the Inhumans in theater). See what they all had to say in this battle of nonhomo sapiens superiority. Watch them both first. This is your spoiler warning. Welcome to Fireside.