Fireside Chats Issue 270: This Could Take a While

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Guess who's back! Back again! Fireside's back! Tell a friend. Mendte's Back, Maurer's Back, Feature's Back, let's begin! Fret not Fireside Faithful. Your favorite source for all things Comic-Sphere are here to bring the new year in with some big news. In this extra long edition of Fireside Chats Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features dive in to the news. Starting with the comic books and news for Domino, Venom, Thanos, Captain America, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake and the sometimes worlds fastest man The Flash. That's just the books. In TV the guys quickly talk about what is getting renewed and what's not. Then over at movies listen as the crew tackles the silver screen. From Deadshot and Lobo's unceremonious death to some interesting requests for Mark Hamill. As well as Black Panthers Kendrick Lamar mix tape and Avengers chance to reboot. Add all that to Lego leaks, Filming start dates and new Studio CEO you have a jam packed issue of Fireside Chats. Welcome to Fireside.