Fireside Chats Issue 310: Visible Head Syndrome

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Maurers reign is over Firesiders, Mendte is back and things are as they should be once more. Well... kinda... Features is missing. Again. He’s like the ending to Infinity War - although we miss him now, we know he’ll be back. In the mean time Baby Huey is here and ready to pick up the slack. On this issue of the newest of news, we have the return of Wolverine (although he’s been back for a bit now) and his new power, Jean Grey hints at her true power, Solo: The Awesome disappointment, Leto’s Joker is getting a his own movie, and much more. Plus Maurer reveals his true feelings for Jar Jar Binks. You don’t want to miss this one Fireside Faithful. As always, Welcome to Fireside.