Copycat (1995)

Double Impact show

Summary: 055 - We are back with another deep cut from 1995 - the serial killer thriller, Copycat. You may think you don't remember this film, but I'd argue that you do, somewhere deep in your unconscious - and we are here to dislodge and extract all those juicy memberberries for you, from Harry Connick Jr with red hair, to Sigourney Weaver with glasses. Too superficial for you? We also dive into the mid 90s obsession with serial killers, and compare it to the true crime obsessions of today; the cultural impact Harry Connick Jr had on a decidedly un-woke Australia back in the early 2000's; and we finally get to talk about a movie that passes the bechdel test! So join us as we answer that all-important question: does Copycat hold up today, or is it best left in the past?