The Terminator (1984)

Double Impact show

Summary: 052 - After a few deep cuts we are taking it back to our bread and butter with the film that changed the future of both James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzegger. Schwarzenneger would become the kind of Hollywood, and Cameron would become, self-proclaimed, 'king of the world' marrying several Hollywood women along the way (two of which came from this very movie). In all seriousness though, it's too easy to take this franchise for granted, with at least 3 too many sequels contaminating the public consciousness - but it's important to look back at where it all began, and what a fundamentally different movie this one actually was, vs where the franchise has ended up. Join us as we dive into the films origin story, cultural analysis, circular chats around time travel, and what we would argue is a half-decent re-pitch for how this franchise could have been better tackled as a clean little trilogy.