Saturday Webinar: Frederick Douglass

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Summary: American Minds Webinar Live show aired at 11am, Saturday, 11 JAN 2020, exploring the ideas, character, and meaning of Frederick Douglass. Readings What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?, Frederick Douglass, 5 July 1852 The Constitution of the United States: Is it Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery?, Frederick Douglass, 26 March 1860 Men of Color, To Arm!, Frederick Douglass, 21 March1863 Oration in the Memory of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, 14 April 1876 Blessings of Liberty and Education, Frederick Douglass, 3 September 1894 Panelists Chris Burkett, Ashland University Peter Myers, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Lucas Morel, Washington and Lee University   iTunes Podcast Stitcher Podcast RSS The post Saturday Webinar: Frederick Douglass appeared first on Teaching American History.