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Summary: Specific subtypes of hepatitis C predict success of therapy, which has side effects; High HDL in woman may indicate it is not effective and thus not a good marker for cardiac health; Family history of cancer is important to evaluate if basal cell cancers predict propensity for internal organ cancers; Recap on the complicated issue of thyroid hormone dynamics, proper testing and Hashimoto's thyroiditis; The old remedy of "sweating out a cold" works to kill off a viral infection faster; Another headline-grabbing study equating dangers of egg yolks to smoking has the usual scientific flaws; The course of shingles with its lesions and pain is helped by acupuncture and topical creams; More discussion on the importance of iodine for your health; 78 old man's blood pressure has been decreasing for years — a complex issue; A multi-part question about gut issues including allergens for irritable bowel, protein supplements and how to get absorbable curcumin; How long after a miscarriage can a woman try to get pregnant again? The correct way to detect metal toxicity and its important in neurodegenerative diseases; 83 year old womam sees big red spots at night; Supplements for treating alopecia hair loss; Health benefits of raw garlic, ginger and other "super foods" and supplements