December 18, 2019

The Specialist Radio Hour show

Summary: As we wait on the House to vote on impeachment. The Specialist gives a rundown on a few scenarios that could play out when the Senate becomes involved.<br> Josh Bernstein, an American conservative talk show host, news anchor and media personality with shows featured on Amazon TV, Amazon Prime and Roku TV joins The Specialist Radio Hour . Josh and Chris take the hour to dissect the Impeachment sham of President Trump as it moves forward and then discuss the growing concern of law abiding gun owners in Virginia as Governor Northam and the Democrats keep pushing to take our 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms away.<br> Paul Dacyczyn owner of Northampton Firearms joins the Specialist on Mainstreet U.S.A and as you could probably guess the hour centered on the gun rights of Virginians that are being seriously threatened by the leadership in Richmond.<br>