Episode 208: Kyle and Reece Jacobsen, Married, Great Family Support

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friends Kyle and Reece Jacobsen (RMs from Moscow Russia and Ventura California, respectively) share their journey as gay Latter-day Saints. They eventually felt their path was a same-sex marriage and stepped away from the Church. They are respectful of the Church and are please it works for others. They share how their active LDS families navigated this road and the great support they had at their wedding and going forward. They are both close with their families which is consistent with Church teachings to keep the family circle together. Great job to Kyle’s parents Hugh and Margaret and Reece’s parents Kent and Marilyn. Thanks for being on the podcast Kyle and Reece and your contributions to society. You are good men who are worthy of our support and friendship as you make your way forward.