A new (and possibly the best) marker for submissive and massive PE?

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: Recently, Dr. Ben Smith showed me this article, entitled “A Doppler Echocardiographic Pulmonary Flow Marker of Massive or Submassive Acute Pulmonary Embolus”.  It talks some pretty interesting stuff, including showing us a finding that apparently, might be better than all the other echocardiographic findings we have for ruling in and ruling out submissive and massive PE.  It’s called Early Systolic Notching, and it outperformed McConnell’s, the 60/60 sign, and acceleration/deceleration times.  Check out the graphic (produced by Ben Smith) and the podcast, which was cross posted on the Ultrasound GEL podcast earlier this week. Registration for Castlefest 2020, our ultrasound conference in Lexington Ky, IS LIVE! Click here to learn more!  Interested in an online ultrasound fellowship?  Click here to find out more.