Migrant Justice - "Together for Dignity" Day of Action

Put People First! Radio  show

Summary: On Friday January 17th, many people gathered at the DMV in Burlington and Montpelier to stand in solidarity with their immigrant neighbors in getting a driver’s privilege card. Last year, as a result of grassroots organizing across the state, migrant farm workers and allies came together and won the right to drivers licenses for all, regardless of immigration status. In order to make sure the driver’s privilege cards are not an indication of immigration status, allies came together to trade in their licenses for a driver’s privilege card. Before winning the right to driver’s licenses, thousands of migrant workers in VT were denied their fundamental right to movement. They were often isolated on farms and had to rely on others to access fundamental needs such as food and health care. Standing together in solidarity on MLK weekend, we are reminded that when our communities come together to fight collectively for our rights, anything can be achieved. The driver’s licenses not only give everyone the right to movement, but represent freedom and dignity for all people.