CCTA Drivers Strike for Fair Contract and Work with Dignity

Put People First! Radio  show

Summary: On Monday, March 17th, CCTA bus drivers began their strike against unsafe working conditions and predatory management practices, like surveillance and unfair discipline, and the threat of part-time status. Drivers were joined by community members, union members, and many other supporters in an informational picket that demonstrated the strong support for the drivers from members of the community. Jim Foutz, a CCTA driver, spoke about the unsafe and unjust working conditions faced by the drivers and how they are asking for a fair contract that would allow them to work safely and with dignity. Joshua Chasin, a participant in the rally and social justice leader in the community, spoke about his support for the drivers and about management’s lack of respect for the drivers. The CCTA drivers will continue their strike until management offers them a fair contract that allows them to have dignified jobs and safe working conditions. In order to ensure that the drivers are given a fair contract, the community must come together to show support for the drivers and to put pressure on management to compromise and meet their demands. For more information on the strike or to get involved, go to