Episode-2545- An Introduction to Kratky Hydroponics

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Summary: A few weeks ago a caller asked me about something called Kratky Hydroponics.  Now when you guys ask about something I have not yet heard about I look into it.  I will admit though I was highly skeptical.  It feels like today every other person wants to invent something, some new whatsitcalled method.  Now look I am all for innovation but so many new “systems” often seem like solutions in search of a problem.  I figured that is what Kratky was, bluntly I was wrong! Unlike most subjects that I do a stand alone show on I have not yet done Kratky Hydroponics.  I tend to shy away from discussing what I have not actually done.  However given I have been working with aquaponics for over 4 years I am comfortable with a getting started show on Kratky.  Given I am about to get started with it myself, I am simply function stacking my research here and getting a two fer out of the deal.  Honestly one big advantage of hydro is that it is easier than aquaponics. Join Me Today to Discuss… What is Hydroponics What advantages does hydroponics have High density production Provide exactly what the plants need No weeds Fast growth Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse Easy to control most pets organically Plants are seldom if ever stressed What is Kratky Hydroponics and Where did it Come From How do you do Kratky Hydroponics the most Basic Way Find a container Fill it with nutrient mixed in water Drill cover to allow for the use of net pots Plant started plants or seeds in preferred media What are the advantages of Kratky Hydroponics No pumps or power required Easy to make custom nutrient mixes Uses less water than conventional hydroponics Nutrient ratios stay constant Highly portable Can be made super cheap and from almost anything even ball jars Media types and their advantages and disadvantages Rockwool LECA – Expanded Clay Pebbles Coarse Perlite Expanded Shale Pool Noodles Other Options Combinations of the above Hemp Mats Soil Above Lava Rock Try stuff find what works for you Some Cool Resources, see below for links PDF by B.A. Kratky The Downspout Garden Making Masterblend Fertilizer Final Thoughts – You Bet I’m Gonna Do This   Resources for today’s show… Join the Members Brigade Join Our Forum Walking To Freedom TspAz.com Kicked Outta Country – George Strait   Almost Everything you Need for Kratky Hydroponics 3 Gallon Rubbermaid Totes – Note don’t freak out on the price this is for 6 of them. 2-7/8ths Hole Saw 3 Inch Net Pots 25 Pack about 43 cents a piece 3 Inch Net Pots 50 Pack about 35 cents a piece 2 Inch GroDan Rockwool 1-7/8ths Hole Saw 2 Inch Net Pots Quantiy 50 about 21 cents a piece 1.5 Inch GroDan Rock Wool Expanded Clay Pebbles – Safer than Rock Wool, Better for the Environment and Reusable but can’t start seed directly in it. Masterblend Hydro Fertilizer All Purpose Tomato and Veg Magnesium Sulfate – AKA Epsom Salts Calcium Nitrate Master Grow Blend Complete Kit (contains Fertilizer, Epsom Salt and Cal Nitrate in one Kit) Gram Scale for Small Amounts of Fertilizer by the Gallon Drill Mixer – for mixing larger quantities in rubber maid tubs   More Hydroponics Information Sources Rob Bob on Kratky Hydroponics Excellent Technical Explanation on the Kratky Method Another Basic Explanation on the Kratky Method Using pool noodles as media How to make a down spout garden part one How to make a down spout garden part two How to make a down spout garden part three Cheap Easy Hydroponics Keep on Growing – Mike VanDuzee’s Channel Masterblend Hydro Fertilizer by the Gallon PDF by B.A. Kratky of the University of Hawaii   Sponsors of the Day Ridge Wallet Backwoods Home Magazine   Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember [...]