Episode 97: Do women look at packages/bulges?

The Sex Wrap show

Summary: Many men have written to us, asking whether women are checking out their bulges, and some people have written to us wondering whether this is normal. Today we talk all about that lump. That lump. That lovely penis-owning person's lump. *** This show is a part of the Podglomerate network, a company that produces, distributes, and monetizes podcasts. We encourage you to visit the website and sign up for our newsletter for more information about our shows, launches, and events. For more information on how The Podglomerate treats data, please see our Privacy Policy.  Since you’re listening to The Sex Wrap, we’d like to suggest you also try other Podglomerate shows surrounding relationships, entertainment, and health and wellness like 2 Girls 1 Podcast and We Don’t Deserve Dogs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices