Sweet as Honey EP:78

The Married Life show

Summary: <p>When you think of honey, what do you think of? Sweet? Sticky? Soft? What if our words to our spouse was like that? Sweet, stick and soft. Instead of honey sometimes our words are sharp, hard and hurtful. On todays Podcast we dive into how to communicate to your spouse the good over the bad and to focus on what you want most in your relationship. </p> <p><br></p> <p>Welcome to The Married Life</p> <p><br></p> <p><u>Sweet things to tell your spouse:</u></p> <ul> <li>Thanks for doing the dishes<br> </li> <li>Thanks for making dinner. It was delicious.<br> </li> <li>Thanks for cleaning up the kitchen<br> </li> <li>Thanks for bathing the children.<br> </li> <li>Thanks for doing the laundry.<br> </li> <li>Thanks for supporting me when I talked about my __________<br> </li> <li>Thanks for listening to how my day went<br> </li> <li>I really appreciated you being so affectionate lately (give specifics)<br> </li> <li>You look great in that.<br> </li> <li>Thanks for listening to the married life podcast with me<br> </li> <li>Thanks for talking to me<br> </li> <li>I am really proud of you. (Give specifics)<br> </li> <li>Thank you for desiring me (ladies)<br> </li> <li>You are a great kisser<br> </li> <li>Thank you for getting that fixed<br> </li> <li>Thank you for taking the kids to the park<br> </li> </ul>